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Mon, 09 Jan 2012

This is just a quick update to my previous posts on SOPA to collect a few more links of interest.

First, a "mainstream" media channel (CNN) is now at least covering the issue. No surprises in the article, but at least it means the issue is getting some attention.

Next, The Register has posted about a study that finds that, first, the vast majority of people prefer to obtain content legally (no surprise for anyone who has heard of Netflix or iTunes, but it seems like media companies still haven't gotten the memo), and second:

When it comes to the penalties for piracy the American public is a lot more forgiving than the courts. Three quarters of those surveyed felt that fines of less than $100 per song were acceptable and only 16 per cent felt that cutting off internet access was justified to stop piracy. Only a quarter who approved of disconnection felt that more than a one month ban was warranted.

Just in case anyone was still wondering whether SOPA and similar legislation actually represents what the people want, here's your sign: it doesn't.

Finally, it appears that one of the founders of Reddit, the CEO of Rackspace, and Dan Kaminsky, a world-class expert on Internet security and DNS, will testify before Congress on January 18th. One of the main thrusts of their testimony will be that SOPA and the Protect IP Act will in fact be harmful to US national security. (The fact that SOPA will break DNSSEC is one aspect of this, but not the only one.) Hopefully that will help to keep these bills from passing.

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