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Wed, 26 Mar 2014

The Daily Telegraph reports that, based on the latest draft of the IPCC AR5,

The United Nations will officially warn that growing crops to make "green" biofuel harms the environment and drives up food prices

(hat tip: Watts Up With That ). At first glance, this looks promising, an actual outbreak of sanity for the IPCC, something like admitting that climate model forecasts are inaccurate. But just as with that previous item, you shouldn't get your hopes up too much; as you can see even from the brief quote above, the obvious reason for not using food crops to make biofuels (the one that's in the title of this post) is not the primary reason the IPCC gives for their about-face on this issue.

The primary reason the IPCC gives is that

growing biofuel crops on a large scale requires either the conversion of agricultural land used for food crops or the destruction of forests to free up land, possibly offsetting any reduction in carbon emissions from the use of biofuels.

In other words, the IPCC isn't really concerned about rising food prices; after all, if they had been, the AR4, back in 2007, would not have made such an aggressive recommendation to increase the use of biofuels. It's not as though burning food only just started to drive up food prices. No, it's all about CO2 alarmism.

Of course, even if we restrict the discussion to the climate aspect, the IPCC is admitting that they screwed up. Did they just now discover that growing biofuel crops requires the use of land? Couldn't exactly the same analysis have been done back in 2007? Why wasn't it? Of course, nobody is asking those questions. And if the IPCC can screw up something this basic, what does that say about their ability to get it right on more complex issues, like, oh, say, predicting what Earth's climate will be like in fifty or a hundred years? Of course, nobody is asking those questions either.

But to me, all that is secondary to the real issue, which is that the IPCC, and all the governments that make policy based on what the IPCC says, were willing to make it more difficult for a significant fraction of the world's population to get enough to eat, right now, based on the belief that it would lead to some vague benefit to the climate fifty or a hundred years hence. Which they're now saying isn't going to be a benefit anyway (not that I believed them whey they said it would, but the point is that now even they admit it's not). And the people who wouldn't get enough to eat had no say in the matter. These are the people whom we are supposed to trust with the future of our planet. Personally, I don't trust them to add two and two correctly. But maybe that's just me.

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